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RE: Matach made in heaven

After reading the post about what a jerk Karathy's son Amadeus is, I
felt that I had to reply.

Many of you don't know me, but for those who have seen Dolly DeCair and
Amadeus at rides a lot you have seen me.  I crew for her a lot when she
rides Amadeus.  Next to Dolly I feel that I know him the best of any one

It is true that Amy, as I call him, can be noisy in the vet line.  He is
drop dead gorgeous and knows it.  Anyone who stops to notice him,
though, can easily see that his call is not a challenge to fight like
that of a rouge stallion but one of invitation to any interested mare
that might be passing.  I have heard many a mare or gelding calling out
in exactly the same way, when trying to locate a buddy who has been left
behind at the other end of camp.

Behavior wise, Amy is a true gentleman.  He appreciates all the work
that I do on him during a ride, is gentle to handle in lines, while
sponging, tacking up or any other necessary function to care for him.  I
do not find him any more difficult to handle than any other competitive
minded Arabian.  

As for his ability on the trail, and what he will pass on, I can tell
you this.  Amadeus has finished 21 rides.  He has 10 wins and seven best
conditions.  He has only been out of the top ten once.  He has always
shown at best condition judging looking like a horse that has not even
been out on the trail yet.  As for breeding ability, he has only been
bred twice and has 2 foals on the ground.  I recently visited his newest
son in Auburn.  This colt is large, beautiful just like his sire and
perfectly proportioned.  He is friendly and I can guarantee that anyone
who would have the opportunity to see this foal would proclaim him to be
as fantastic baby as they have ever seen.   

Sue Gardner

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