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Re: Snakebite kits

Angela, I am retired from a large sheriffs dept. in Ca. and had to be
certified on stun guns. This involved being "shocked" by one. We were
unable to get our certification otherwise. I wasn't all that thrilled about
the prospects, but did it anyway. Tho' quite uncomfortable, one can
withstand it, and they are harmless in the fact they do not cause any
permanent damage, just some residual tingling to the area shocked. I know
nothing about their use as snake bite remedy, but can pretty much figure
they would have to be better for you than a car battery. which can leave
permanent damage. As far as being worthless for  law enforcement, well, I
have seen them used and it definitely will get someones attention, as long
as they aren't on particular drugs(a whole different story). Let's hope you
never have reason to try any shock treatment. 
Happy trails, Lori B.

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