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Re: Two Questions

Trish Dowling wrote:

> I have two questions for the group:

I'll try to answer #2 for you.  I've sold a lot of HEAVY stuff for riders trying to make minimum weigbht!

> 2) How are the lightweight riders making weight for FEI rides?

It's been a few years since I sold endurance tack to folks trying to make FEI weight, so double check the current FEI
rules, but...I saw folks buying heavy bridles, solid core bits or (heavy) sleister hackamores.  Rubatex gel pads were
popular  since they were 7-10 lbs, move w/ horse without bouncing around, they "breathed" unlike the non-endurance gel
pads.  Saw money belts lined with bird shot or fishing weights, weight in saddle pads (seemed to be hard on the horse).
Weighted stirrups seemed to be a bad idea - a lot of complaints about knee pain.  IV fluids in pommel packs were ok - if
you need to break the seal, you weren't going any further in that ride anyway!

I hope this helps you to think of something that works for you!  Personally, I like Angie's idea of ice cream - yum!

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV
(Who has NEVER had to worry about minimum weight for ANYTHING!)

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