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Re: Two Questions

Hi, Trish--

Regarding age, yes, we go by 48 months and 60 months, but other than
registration papers with birthdates, we have no other proof of actual age.
Teeth are off by as much as half a year by that point in a horse's life, in my
experience, so really, grade horses can be off considerably.  Unless there is
quite a discrepancy, we take the rider's word for it, but in my experience,
most don't try to get away with underage horses.

Regarding weight--many riders are using specially-made girths with weight
pockets, and all sorts of other adaptations in various places on their saddles
to put a little here, a little there, etc. and keep it as balanced, secure,
and as low as possible.  A few are also wearing weight vests themselves, but
some find that this is a difficult adaptation, too.


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