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Re: Two Questions

 Aging horse's by 
>their teeth is not an exact science and I'd argue 
>with anyone trying to use this at a ride,

I have had my horse's teeth checked at a ride...and it is pretty easy to
tell age up to 5 years. I'm sure you knew that being a DVM, so I guess
you're saying there are exceptions to the rate that horses get their
permanent teeth.  There are so many unregistered horses competing in
endurance I can't imagine anyone trying to require documentation.  I
don't believe we have much of a problem with people trying to run horses
that are underage...but I do know of a few that are competing so old that
we may have to carbon date them to get an accurate estimate on their age.
 As to making the weight requirement, try Rocky Road ice cream.  Works
for me.

Angie and Kaboot (9)

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