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Re: RV pulling a Horse trailer?????

Hi, Cheryl,

We just made that decision and are going with an 24-ft RV
that we're picking up today!  No more sleeping in the back
of the horse trailer and cooking on the tailgait!

I'm pulling a 2-horse slant Logan (Shadow model) that has 
a 500# tongue weight.  The hitch on the RV is a Class 3, and
is rated for 250-300 pounds.  The overhang (from the rear
axles to the bumper) is about 5 feet.

It's a Class C RV (cab-over design), engine is a Ford 460, with 
towing package (heavy duty radiator and transmission cooler....
and I'm sure other things), auto transmission, and a 4.10 rear 
axle ratio.

Because of the weight of the Logan, we're reinforcing
and stiffening the rear undercarriage of the RV to support the
added tongue weight.  First trip with the new set-up will
be to our Bandit Springs ride in a week, which will require 
some hill driving.  But am only taking one horse, so the trailer
weight won't be out of the ordinary.

Other than for getting use to the added length (6 more feet), I'm hoping
we have a successful trip!  I'll report back.  I'm so used to driving
my truck with the trailer, that the comparison on power, braking,
highway handling, backing and parking, and negotiating hills (not
to mention COMFORT!!) will be interesting.

Good luck with your search and your decision.


At 04:10 PM 7/10/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Hi group.  Well we are in decision making stage and I need some advice.
>Soon I won't have to be sleeping on the ground the night before a ride!
>YEAH! But I am not sure about going the RV route either.  My husband wants
>to buy a 30' rv with a ford 450 or whatever size 400 engine ford has.  I am
>also going to be buying a 2 or 3 horse slant too.  I am not certain the RV
>will do a good enough job pulling a horse trailer and I'd like to hear your
>stories either for or against using an rv to pull my horses.  
Sue Riegel, So. Oregon
Peruvians and Keeshonden

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