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Re: Warbles??

I love this thread, reminds me of when I was a kid
on a dairy farm. Our cattle would get warbles and you
can just squeeze them out, the best part is when you step
on them they pop like a cap gun!!!
The things farm kids do for entertainment!!!!


At 12:00 AM 7/10/98 -0400, you wrote:
> Warbles? Oh Boy!!
>I'm FINALLY going to get to find out if this works!!!  
>YEARS ago, I read in a Western riding magazine to run hot water on a coke
>bottle till it's hot, then hold the opening tight up against the horse
>and it would "Suck" the Warbles out.  Hee Hee.  Somehow I just can't
>imagine that working.  Maybe you could do it manually?  Ha.  I know a
>couple of blonds (No offense Kasemayer) who could probably do a bang up
>job of it.  
>On Thu, 09 Jul 1998 21:22:52 EDT (Karen J Zelinsky) writes:
>>Okay, so I'm a dummy - what produces marble-sized lumps on the belly 
>>of a horse?  Those lumps bother her - she kicks up at them, they seem 
>>very itchy.  They've been there for maybe a couple of weeks????  The 
>>answer is . . . .? ? ?  (hint: the dairy farmer next door says it 
>>sounds like Warbles - flies that laid eggs under the skiln.  For 
>>warbles, he says when they're about to hatch, or hatching larvae, they 
>>squeeze them out.  Enough grossness!  What can I do now to kill, 
>>eradicate, heal my poor horse?  
>>Vet info/non vet info. much appreciated!
>>Crazy KZ
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