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Re: Warbles??

>I know this is an important subject but the thought of a coke bottle 
>full of
>larvae extract really grosses me out.  :P long as we're on the subject, here's a little story with a
lesson that's endurance related:

A couple of years ago I went out to Flagstaff as crew for Lynda Corry in
the North American Championships.  I took 2 stethoscopes.  One was pink
and one was red.  The red one was mine, the pink belonged to the driver
of our truck.  My red one was working fine, but they had us wearing pink
shirts that day, so I thought I'd match and switched to the other right
before an important vet check.  My horse came into the vet check in about
7th place.  The front runners were still there!  I went to check his
pulse and couldn't hear a thing.  I tried again, nothing, I was FURIOUS,
we were rushed and couldn't afford to send him in early.  I had to run
back and get the red one before I could get his pulse.

Meanwhile, the driver was examining her pink stethoscope trying to figure
out what was wrong.  She pulled off the ear pieces and just inside, on
both sides, was a big fat larvae!  YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The stethoscope
had been hanging on a bridle hook in the barn and some sort of critter
had laid eggs in the ear pieces.  Think about THAT the next time you just
grab up your stethoscope and stick it in your ears!  :-P

Angie & Kaboot (Maybe you have ear mites mom, let me check)  

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