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Re: ride fees

In a message dated 98-07-08 02:20:39 EDT, you write:

<< I must confess to being curious.   Isn't Lassen in California?? (As in Mt.
 Lassen) or is the ride somewhere else. >>

Yes, Lassen - mountain and park - are in California.  But Peter Lassen used
this trail as his route to get to California where he established a ranch in
the northern Sacramento Valley.  The Applegate brothers had settled in Oregon,
coming there via the Columbia River. When they wanted to return to the east,
they could not paddle back up the Columbia, so they used this trail as a route
to return. There were several other reasons this trail was used in 1849, but
these two will get you started on its history. The trail diverges from the
California trail near Imlay NV, just about where we start the ride. It ended
in California. Hoping to draw travellers to his ranch was one of Peter
Lassen's motives for telling others what a good trail it was (it really
wasn't, as feed and water were extremely scarce).  So about half of the
original trail is in NV and half in CA.

Barbara McCrary

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