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Re: It only takes a few seconds...

I took a fall 3 weeks ago while showing a new ride Vet some of our
trails. Neither my horse nor I were ready for the ditch to be so-oo-o
deep. He slammed into the side of the road. Thankfully he only sustained
bruising on chest and upper legs. I knew I was falling "wrong" but
didn't have time to adjust before I hit. I am recovering from a hairline
fracture of the pelvis. Luckily, it didn't fracture the entire length
(width?) of the pelvis, just enough to put me out of commission. I was
able to walk, _very_ slowly, two-tenths of a mile up trail to where a
truck and trailer came to pick us up. 

My doctor told me to do whatever I could without overdoing and hurting
my recovery. But, he thinks I need to wait 5-6 months before trying to
ride again. Maybe this is the magic number for bones! I'm not sure that
I can wait that long before trying to ride.

I have a friend that suffered a dislocation. She said they are more
painful than a break. She doesn't seem to suffer any loss of motion with
her arm.
And my rule for helmets is: Never ride without one, no matter how short
the trail may be.

Maybe we can ride a ride together next year! Keep your spirits up and
listen to your body. 

Linda Parrish, mgr Old Glory I, II, III - July 17, 18 & 19
MA Flashdancer - "Hey, Mom, I feel great! Let's Go!!!"

Lucie A. Hess wrote:
> please excuse the lack of capitals, but I'm typing left handed as my right
> arm is in a cast.
>         my old competitor, chief and i were leading a trail ride of
> friends on trails we have ridden for years.. the cedar creek trail..when
> all of the sudden, he went down on his knees and the force of him falling
> threw me off.  i landed on my right leg and outstretched right hand.
>         to make a long story short, had to walk out about 3/4 of a mile to
> my truck where my friend katy Vernon , who had helped me up and to walk
> back had to drive me the horse and my trailer to the er.
> i ended up with a very dislocated forearm and the head of the radius
> fractured.  also, i  am less than happy.. the doctor is trying to tell me
> no competing for 4 to 5 months and that I'll never have full extension of
> the joint..any body have any experience with this?
> the horse is fine and has no residual effects.. we were going on  a
> fun conditioning ride as  my step dau. had plans to do her first natrc
> ride
> in aug, and i was conditioning chief for her.
> i guess my point is you never know what will happen, ever. the ground was
> just a little wet and slick and he somehow slipped or got tangled in some
> roots and went down.  i was off before i knew it.
> it could have been worse, as i was sitting on the ground from the fall, i
> saw chief trying to get to his feet, my legs were stretched out under him,
> i watched him carefully put his feet down and he even almost put his foot
> on my toe, but waited while i slowly moved it a few inches away, and then
> slowly put it down. he was
> quite a good boy!  also, guess who had left their helmet at home in the
> barn!!?  i had numerous second thoughts initially about riding with out
> it, but no one had a spare and it was too far to go back and get it.  so
> on with the show!! i was lucky one of those feet didn't knock me in the
> head.
> my natrc friends here have been wonderful.. helping with house work and
> keeping my spirits up.  i guess i want to say be careful, friends..if it
> can happen to me... and it just takes a few seconds...
> ps I'm planning on riding as soon as i can!
>  Lucie Hess
> Columbia, Missouri
> Chief Black Arrow -retired Appy
> Moonhill Dandi -current mount- 7/8 Arab

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