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Re: It only takes a few seconds...


I wouldn't recommend it, but I've seen people compete with an arm in a cast.
Personally I find it very hard to ride comfortably if I am at all impaired.
Horses can be unpredictable (as you well know), & I like to have all my parts
working to increase my chances of staying on top.

That  " i landed on my right leg and outstretched right hand" stuff is bad
news.  Need to think about rolling and going "with" the fall.  Don't try to
stop it with you hand.  Ain't gonna work :-(

Take care and God's speed on your recovery (hope it is sooner than 4 or 5

  Ocoee, FL

p.s. Please don't ride without your helmet again.  Consider your broken arm a
blessing and a reminder that it could have been your head.  Just imagine the
doctor telling you (or your family) that you will never have full use of your
brain anymore instead of your arm joint.  Pretty frightening thought.  

    Check it Out!    

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