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Michigan Heat & Humity results

I promised I tell you how the ride went.  As Glenn Foster said, a higher power
stepped in and helped.  

The 50 mile competitive horses were to leave camp at 5:45, 15 minutes after
the endurance horses.  Yes, we were allowed to sponge in camp. We saddles in a
sprinkle and rode out in rain, thunder & lightening.  When we got to the first
vet check, every pitcrew truck had its lights on.  Boy was it dark!  It was a
little scary with the lightening going on but that only lasted 20 minutes.  It
continued to rain for about 2 hours off & on.  So, we didn't need to sponge
much.  The horses dropped fairly quickly at the 12 &1/2 mile check and at the
25 mile check.

It was the afternoon that got interesting.  The sun started to peek its head
out about 12:30 and that heated things up.  Occasionally we would trot through
walls of heat &  humidity (like being in the bathroom after a shower).  I used
electrolytes at each check (after they all drank)  One horse never drinks
until 25 miles.  I remebered what you said and did not electrolyte until he
drank.  And once he started, he never quit!!.  

By the third vet check, the humans were feeling the heat.  I have bought some
Carbo Fuel (well, if it's so good for horses, why only give it to them?) and
we drank.  Now, I am sponsoring a 10 year old and he was getting mighty quiet
the last couple of hours.  After his Carbo Fuel, he didn't shut up until an
hour after the ride.  I guess it works. (Squirted some into the horses also.
Yep, it works.  Thanks, ti, they finished with a lot of energy).  That is now
on the list of things to get before a ride.  

 We had 9 hours to finish this ride but no one finished in their window( ie:
in 9 hours).  We all took our time and finished with very healthy and happy
horses.  It was the race of the penalty points - who had the least. But we did
it.  And Tubby (aka Nikker) handled the heat better than I ever expected.

Well, there is another event next weekend and it looks like it will be in the
80's again and humid.  I think we can do this.  Thanks for all your advice.

Becke and Nikker, the winner.   

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