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Re: Rider back problems

In a message dated 98-07-04 16:49:47 EDT, you write:

> I have a disc problem in my lower back. I am 50 and want to get back into
>  endurance this year in a limited way and into 50's next year. I can ride
>  about 15 -25 miles with minor pain while I am riding but about an hour
> I
>  ride I am barely able to walk and am bent over .Any sugestions? I have been
> to
>  my doctor and he suggests giving up riding.I can't; Im still alive.

I have arthritis in my back and neck.  My doctor has given me a series of back
exercises to help strengthen the muscles that support the back.  That helps a
lot.  But I never ride without a back brace any more.  The one I have has a
neoprene insert in it that fits into the lower back.  It is very comforting
both mentally and physically.  It sort of holds all the parts together real
snug so if my horse takes an unexpected jump things don't come out of
alignment and hurt/pinch.

Riding actually strenghtens my back and helps me to feel better.  Just don't
ask me to clean a barn full of stalls.  My doctor kept trying to get me to not
ride, but that doesn't seem to be my problem.  It's those damn stalls.  Now my
husband and son do the stalls, bless their hearts, and I haven't had a
reoccurance of bad back pain since.  

I believe you have to know yourself and your own particular situation and
procede accordingly, just as you would with your horse.  Please remember to
treat yourself as well as you would your horse.

~Nora & Tucker
  Ocoee, FL  

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