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Re: Trailer Safety Chains

On Fri, 03 Jul 1998 13:39:54 -0700, Softride <>

>There is a big difference between a goose neck and a 5th wheel that is
>on the big rigs.
>The goose neck still has a ball. The 5 th wheel has a big plate type
>wheel that the hook-up attaches to.  Big difference!

Some gooseneck trailers use a fifth wheel hitch instead of a ball
hitch. But, as a ball does not transer a rotational force, but a fifth
wheel does, that difference favors a gooseneck w/ball being *less*
likely to roll the tow vehicle than a fifth wheel hitch.  Fifth wheel
hitches are also usually higher above the axle than a ball hitch --
but overall a gooseneck with a fifth wheel hitch is superior in towing
to a gooseneck with a ball hitch.

But haven't we beaten this to death by now?  Everyone involved has
accepted that gooseneck trailers are safer to tow than bumper-pull


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