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Re: Trailer Safety Chains

>>Is it perhaps safer in a major crash,
because of the likelihood of separation, but more likely to have a
accident for that same reason?  Which is safer for the horses?  What do
the rest of you think?  Any authoritative sources out there you can
me to? <<

I think that he's got a right to his own opinion, here's mine.  I think
goosenecks are much more safe and stable for the animal.  I had a bumper
pull WW before buying my gooseneck.

And I have an accident investigator friend who thinks likewise, L.D.
Steele, out of Louisiana who works accidents in TX, AR, MO, etc.  He's a
happy gooseneck owner as well.  Maybe I should get him to post here.
His daughter is a barrel racer.  He's told many a tale of bumper pull

If you want LD's email address, Glenda, drop me a line.

'95 Dodge dually 80K+ miles
'91 Sundowner 4 horse slant gooseneck

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