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Re: Trailer Safety Chains

In a message dated 98-07-03 01:41:47 EDT, writes:

<< However, argue all you like, the applied load is higher above the
 ground and the roll moment is directly proportional to that distance
 (this would translate to how soon the auto would tip over sideways). >>

I won't argue your physics--you are correct about that one factor.  I guess
the point I am trying to make here is that rolling is only one way to lose
control, and even if the gooseneck has a disadvantage there, it has so many
other advantages (as you pointed out, the weight distributed evenly on the tow
vehicle, etc.) that its overall stability is still better.  There is nothing
fun about having several thousand pounds take a wrong bounce and whip the back
end of your tow vehicle around--been there, done that.  Have been in some
pretty raunchy spots with goosenecks, and the tow vehicle just doesn't get
jerked around the same way.  The real joy of the gooseneck is in snow and
ice--just no comparison between the two there...


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