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study at Oregon 100

Attn: Northwest Riders, Free Analysis of Blood Parameters

Horse Guard Inc. in conjuntion with Dr. Van Saun of the Oregon State University School of Veterinary Medicine will be conducting a study/survey of blood nutrient levels at the Oregon 100 ride on September 26th, 1998.

We will need at least 25 qualified horses to conduct the study. 

Horses that qualify for the study will have a small sample of blood drawn the evening before the race and again when they finish the race. These samples will be analyzed for whole blood and serum selenium, zinc, copper, and a battery of other blood parameters. 

Owners wishing to qualify their horses will be required to fill out a detailed form on feeding program and level of work for each individual. Each participant will receive information on their individual as well as compiled information on the test group. The individuals will be numbered in the compiled data and the horse's names  or ownership will not be available to the group unless the owner wishes to share the information. The information will be useful in assessing a number of important nutritional considerations. 
1. How effective are different feed rations, time of feeding, and order of feeding in establishing positive nutritional status?
2. How do blood nutrients change during the stress of racing? Are these changes effected by feeding practices?
3. What is the nutritional status of your horse and how does it compare to the group?
If you wish to qualify for this study:
FAX a note to 541-923-3763
email to
Mail to Horse Guard Inc.  69400 NW 91rst, Redmond, Or. 97756
Include your name, fax or email, telephone number, address, number of horses entered in what distances.
If you have any questions contact Del or Lori Johnson at 541-923-3565

*Note: We would like to have questionaires filled out and returned by August 15th*

Thank you!
Robbi Pruitt, ride manager

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