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Re: Girths

BUT!!!!, western saddles were NOT designed for the speed we do.  Too much weight,
not enough proper fit.....I did not get into detail purposely...I could write a
book on the and I know that...I am just laying out the basics.

Teddy wrote:

> In a message dated 98-05-29 08:51:57 EDT, writes:
> << b. Western:
>          1. Designed for
>              a. quick movement and sure stability (roping, etc.)  OR
>              b. long term rider comfort (herding)
>          2. Rigging often very forward for this stability.  Sometimes rear
> cinch for even
>              more stability.  >>
> Actually, Teddy, you left out the old-fashioned Western saddles that WERE
> designed for long days and long distances--they were EXTREMELY comfortable for
> both horse and rider, and had centerfire rigging, since the oldsters had also
> figured out that a less-forward rigging was desirable.  I have not gotten into
> this saddle discussion, but some of the happiest horses and riders I have
> known have gotten old-timey western saddles and have taken the horns off to
> make "endurance" saddles.  Works VERY well.
> Heidi

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