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Re: Girths

In a message dated 98-05-29 08:51:57 EDT, writes:

<< b. Western:
         1. Designed for
             a. quick movement and sure stability (roping, etc.)  OR
             b. long term rider comfort (herding)
         2. Rigging often very forward for this stability.  Sometimes rear
cinch for even
             more stability.  >>

Actually, Teddy, you left out the old-fashioned Western saddles that WERE
designed for long days and long distances--they were EXTREMELY comfortable for
both horse and rider, and had centerfire rigging, since the oldsters had also
figured out that a less-forward rigging was desirable.  I have not gotten into
this saddle discussion, but some of the happiest horses and riders I have
known have gotten old-timey western saddles and have taken the horns off to
make "endurance" saddles.  Works VERY well.


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