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Lump on Neck

Hello everyone,

On April 20th I vaccinated my mare for her
4-way and she had a terrible reaction plus
she abcessed on her neck.  The vet has been
out twice and we have drained all the sites 
and she has been on pencillin twice for 10
days at a time.  My mare still has a lump on
her neck the size of a melon cut in half.  Other
then the lump (which is a bit painful when 
touched) she is quite her normal self.  I would 
like to start riding her and take her to a 
endurance ride in late June.  She did 4 50's
last year and is a good mare.  Do you think
the vet's will be concerned about her lump and
possibly not let me ride??  It has been so long
it appears as if the lump may take weeks to
go away.  Any help would be much appreciated.


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