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Re: NJ 100 Results (Unofficial)

At 05:49 PM 5/28/1998 EDT, you wrote:
>Congratulations on you success this past weekend! Do you, by any chance,
>have the rest of the results for the NJ 100?
>Liz in Belchertown, MA

	Yes, my unoffical report follows, but you might want to check the ECTRA
page at  

	I think you'll recognize several Endurance Riders, vets and Ride Campers
in the list!

	I hope my attempt at formatting comes across looking as nice as when I
posted it!

1998 NJ 100 Results  (Unofficial) 3 Drivers S & Finished, 27 Riders Started
-- I THINK 25 Finished

100 Mile Drive

Champion:		Nancy Wombacher	Shadowland Firedance		Morgan
Reserve Champion:	Lyn Kamer		Oregon's Little Star		Mustang
1st:			Holly Mac Donald	Loth-Lea Killarney		Morgan

100 Mile Ride

Champion:		Leslie Smith		R D Naral			Arabian
Reserve Champion:	Stephanie Muncy	Stoneybrook Lyric		1/2 Arabian

Lightweight Division:
1st:			Mae Connor Hansen	WB Advancement		Morgan
2nd:			Jeanne De Vico	Mitshka			1/2 Arabian
3rd:			Sharon Davis		Diamond Selfra		Arabian
4th:			Carol Thomas		Larca				Arabian
5th:			Gabriele Miller	Loth Lea Fearnaught		Morgan
6th:			Sarah Ralson		NIH Last Fling		1/2 Arabian

Middleweight Division:
1st:			Berit Stonebrink	Sasha				Arabian
2nd:			Barbara Madill	Nonsuch Zaim			Arabian
3rd:			Marsha Delaware	HFA Silver Savana		Arabian
4th:			Stagg Newman		Jayel Super			Arabian
5th:			Jan Larsen		Vanitys El Hadiya		1/2 Arabian
6th:			Marcy Gamester	Anchor Hill Alan		Arabian

Heavyweight Division:
1st:			Diana Grillo		Country Major			Morab
2nd:			Joyce Sherman		Wildwood Liralyn		Connemara
3rd:			Sandra Terp		Hydway Sunscat Jan		Appaloosa
4th:			Steve Rojek		Kiddo				Grade
5th:			Gary Larsen		Ramegwa Gray Ghost		Arabian
6th:			Kevin Pfoertsch	Kaamsin			Arabian

Junior Division:
Champion:		Kara Thomas		WC Charley's Angel		Arabian

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