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From: cquijano
Full-Name: carla e dubose
Fcc: Sent
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 20:37:46 -0500
Subject: Overnight stabling
Message-ID: <>
X-Status: Sent
X-Mailer: Juno 1.49

We're traveling to Salida, CO from Austin, TX  this July 6 and need to
stop at a halfwaypoint  for one night.   I'd appreciate it if anyone
could give me a name, number of a place we could stable overnight in or
near Roswell, NM.  It doesn't need to be fancy, just safe and clean.  A
couple of pens would be great, so the guys can stretch their legs a bit.
Thanks!  Carla and Patrick and good ol' Rusty
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