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Re: A scary story

This is NOT a first.  We discontinued one popular style after we first
realized the problem.  NOW, I see riders purposly dfeating designs to leave
snaps on bridles.  Let the user THINK and BEWARE when they do their "own
thing".  Many have regretted this.

teddy wrote:

> Read this on EuroEndura.
> > Dear all,
> >
> > I read a frightening story on a Swedish (horsey) web page the other
> > day, which
> > is pretty relevant to endurance. It was written by a Swedish horse
> > owner who
> > wanted to warn people about combination bridles, or more specifically:
> > about
> > those combination bridles that have the clips for the bit attached
> > directly on
> > the head stall (rather than on removable bit 'hangers' as most of us
> > use). Her
> > horse had been wearing a bridle like this and decided to rub its head
> > on its
> > front leg. Unfortunately it was wearing boots and the clips on the
> > bridle
> > caught on the strap of one of the boots. You can imagine the rest, and
> > it
> > resulted in months off work, huge vet bills and a horse that can now
> > (2 years
> > later) still only be ridden in a hackamore. Fortunately she had the
> > oldfashioned type of boot with narrow leather straps and little
> > buckles so the
> > strap broke pretty quickly or else it might have been even worse.
> >
> >

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