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beet pulp and grass

Does anyone know how beep pulp compares to grass?  My horses are used to
eating mostly grass and when I go on rides grass is not always available.
Would wet beep pulp be a good substitute?  They don't like it real well but
will eat it at home ok and if I put some oats in it will eat it on the rides.
I've been keeping them off pasture and feeding them hay half the day so they
will be used to eating some hay and not all grass.  Our pastures are clover
and fescue with some bermuda and orchard grass.  I just don't want to cause
any digestive upsets if I can prevent it.  Thanks to those of you who offered
suggestions for my horse's drinking problems.  While I haven't solved them yet
he is doing better.  Thanks to all the ride managers who furnish stock tanks
in camp!  My horses drink really well out of those!!  Happy Trails,  Kathy
Fox and Trav

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