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Re: LD or CTR for my young horses?

Hi Anitra - 

About 3 months ago I was asking the same question.  Here is what
happened to me.

Have a now 6 yr. Arab mare who is/was very green (the shade of green is
lightening up).  Thought the easiest place to start her distance
exposure was to go to a CTR.  I felt the slower pace & diversion with
obstacles would be the better experience.  What happened was about a
half mile out of camp, she blew apart at the seams, apparently the whole
experience was too much at that time.  That was OK because education
come first with me.  BUT what I did not consider was that since you must
maintain forward motion mounted & I needed to regain control which
happened to be on the ground, I was tying up the drag riders who needed
to move on to the rest of the group, so I pulled from competition.  We
still got the camping experience & some trail riding in during the
weekend, but it was money down the drain .

Then we went to an endurance ride & completed 25 miles some of it on
foot & most of it ridden.  I was able to start well after the bulk of
riders were off & stil got a completion.  There was less stress in our
case as I could train the way we were accustomed to without holding
anyone up

My personal opinion is go wherever it suits your training level.  Non
sanctioned CTR's may be an option.

Hope this is of some use to you,

Lori  & Sky in AZ

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