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LD or CTR for my young horses?

Retiring my two 22-year-olds from heavy wear and tear, and just barely
starting my two 2-year olds, I'd like to hear from ridecampers with
experience from CTR. 

Some endurance riders say the best thing to do is some CTR:s and
then 50/100:s after that.  Then I get the sense from CTR-people
that the standard for your horse's _performance_ is very high.   ? ?

Going from the know-it-all horses to the less than, err ..sophisticated 
young ones, where to I start without having the ride police come after
me?     Please post to the list or privately, as appropriate.

(Yeah, I know, we have years to work on the sophistication part, but
we're gonna need every minute ..)         // Anitra //

Anitra Ekstrom              (Avid lurker since January)
Sandstone Ranch
Topanga, CA 90290

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