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Re: Boo Hoo more rain

PLEASE, PLEASE!!  Send that rain to TX.  Here in east Texas where we
usually have plenty of rain there has been NONE in May and only a little in
April. Not good!!  Way back in 83 we had 72 inches and that was VERY rainy!
 So I can sympathize with you with all that rain.  This is going to make a
serious problem with the hay.  Probably, will make the price of horses go
even lower.  That is good for economically challenged endurance riders but
hell for those of us who raise a few.  Guess, we can blame El Nino.  Our
only hope now is for the Gulf to get warm enough to start the tropical
storms, etc. And I sure hate that kind of weather.  On the positive note,
endurance rides are all a go.  But the water will be scarce along the
trail.  Mary Ann, Tx

Subject: Boo Hoo more rain
Date: Thursday, May 28, 1998 5:27 PM

I can't believe that it is almost June and it is raining again in so called
sunny California.  After missing Big Creek, cancelled because of rain, I
really looking forward to the Diablo Vista 50.  I got home today to find a
message on my answering machine that it is also cancelled.  If you were
planning to go and didn't get the message, the ride is cancelled.


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