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horse for sale

We need to find the right home for our mare. She is small (~14.1h), but was
trained by a large (6'4", 230 lb) man. We have a video of him riding her,
and she had no difficulty carrying him. She was mistreated by a (different)
trainer, but has come to trust again and is a real pleasure to work with.
She has done very well with children in a controlled environment. She is
incredibly smart and a fast learner with more sense than most. She was
raised 'free range' in WY for 4 yrs and really moves out. She is definitely
NOT a LAZY horse! Rose is 8 yrs old and is predominantly Egyptian with a
little Crabbet. She is a liver chestnut out of a grey dam and by a black
sire. She has had 2 foals and is a great mom! We are moving to Colorado and
cannot afford to take all of our horses with us, so we are trying to find a
good home for Rose. If you think you may be interested in purchasing or
leasing Rose, please contact Stephanie at 520-799-7631 or

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