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Trying to find ride for horses to Manitoba for July 4th race...

I want to take three horses to the Pan-AM pre-ride 100 miler in  Manitoba,
arriving the Tuesday or Wednesday before the July 4th race, leaving for the
return trip on Monday, July 6th..  I have a '98 extended cab Ford F350 with
a camper,  which pulls a six horse aluminum trailer, and could offer trailer
space for one or two horses.  I would pay for all truck expenses in exchange
for an experienced driver/horseman driving either both ways, or one way.  I
need to fly back to California after the race, in order to trailer horses to
the Ride & Tie Championships the next weekend, so definately need someone to
drive my rig home from Canada to California.   I could meet a driver in
Oregon, Northern CA, or N. Nevada, either way, however..

I would also be interested in trailering one or more of the horses in
someone  else's rig, with me paying expenses.   Please email me privately if
anyone knows of anyone who would either want to drive my rig, or take one or
more of my horses.

Thanks for any and all suggestions!


Lari Shea                        
Ricochet Ridge Ranch	       Riding Vacations on the Mendocino Coast with	
24201 North Highway One	       Lodging at Unique B&B Inns; International Riding.
Fort Bragg, CA 95437	       Akhal Teke and Russian Orlov/cross horses
707-964-7669ph/ 707-964-9669 fax   At stud: RRR Stolichnaya & RRR Russia

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