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Navicular again

Thanks to everyone who responded to my questions on navicular.

Yesterday, we got the results of the bone scan on Pro, and it did indeed
show that he has the beginnings of navicular disease.  It is in the very
beginning stages, but is indeed there.  The bone scan and xrays cost
quite a bit, $815, but it was worth every penny to know finally and
definitly what is going more guessing and worrying.  And no
more expense of lameness exams and xrays every other month.  

The bone chip that he has didn't even register on the scan, and it is
probable that he has had that for ages, and it was never the problem to
begin with.

If anyone has a mystery lameness and has access to a bone scan machine,
I would highly recommend is costly ($550) but shows any bit of
inflammation.....nifty tool.

The surgeon said that Jerry Barfield and I were the only clients that he
has that would have noticed such a mild lameness, so that kinda made me
feel good! :)

Anyhow, course of treatment is 2 degree wedge pads with regular shoes in
front, with some serious toe trimming to start with, and 6 weeks of
ixosuprine ($50 a bottle-ouch!) and turn out.  We will discontinue the
drugs after then and see if he will go sound without it, which the vet
thinks he will.  We will start conditioning again and see what happens.

So, who knows, he may very well be able to do some more endurance, but
if not my 6 yo daughter will continue to ride him,  we will break him to
drive, pleasure ride and use him to pack and pony on.   My vet made it
very clear that his useful life is far from over.

His thoughts are also that nerving is a last resort, and definitely not
needed in Pro's case.

So, we shall see what happens in the next 6 weeks or so, who knows we
may make a few more 50's for it is all said and done!


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