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vet check question

I have to step in and say that I have known Bo Parrish for at least 10
years and he is welcome to escort my horse to the vet anytime he feels a

and if Bo thought a horse needed to be seen, I would not have any problem
letting that horse skip ahead of me in line.   

Also, like Linda said, we really have only a few vets that work most of the
rides in this region and tend to see many of the same volunteers at most of
the rides.  New volunteers are generally given instruction and will
question a more experienced p/r person if they have any type of question or
concern before disrupting the vet area by moving a bunch of horses up in
line.   I would like to think that if my horse (or any horse!) were
distressed that they would be able to receive a vets attention as soon as
possible without having to stand in line...  

Maybe we have a unique situation here, but I am glad.

Becky Huffman, Central Region

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