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Re: Vet check question.

Coujur1 wrote:
>   A quick question.  If you are working P&R area at a ride, a horse comes in
> and it's pulse is and waning (several fast beats, then
> several slow beats).  Would you write what you heard on the vet card?  If you
> are vetting the ride, would you like it written on the card?  I had this
> situation happen.  Didn't record what I heard, but told the rider.  After
> passing the vet check the horse got in a little trouble (nothing a little
> Banamine didn't fix).  Granted the horse would have had his little problem in
> this case anyway.  But what if he/she went back on trail?  If it was my horse
> I would want to know what was going on with him.  Just curious...
> Nina


	I definately would either make a note on the card, or personally take
the horse over to the vet so that the problem did not slip through the
cracks.  I would not rely on the rider to tell the vet since some riders
in the heat of competition do not always make the best decision for
their horse.

Terry Woolley Howe
San Diego

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