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Re: Vet check question.

Coujur1 wrote:

>   A quick question.  If you are working P&R area at a ride, a horse comes in
> and it's pulse is and waning (several fast beats, then
> several slow beats).  Would you write what you heard on the vet card?

I would tell the rider, but not write it on the card.  There are too many factors
involved ni the variability of the heart rate - "I just saw my buddy come/go", to
"I'm hot, to I'm in distress".  In my experience, if the horse is truely
distressed, the vets will usually pick up on it & the horse will generally fail
their CRI.

As P&R crew chief, how would you decide that all horses were being evaluated the
same way by both the experienced folks and the newbies (who ask "Is Lub-Dub
counted as one or two?").  It would be virtually impossible.

Linda Flemmer

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