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Re: AERC by laws

Three cheers for all the hard work and time invested by our BOD. I get
tired of hearing people grumble about things, but never see their names
in the hat when voting time rolls around. The BOD needs feedback from
all members, but I think it should be a positive type of feedback/
Our thanks to the BOD. I think the current BOD is doing a terrific job
of getting AERC on the progressive track.

Linda and Bo Parrish
Kennard, TX

cookie hickstein wrote:
> I see nothing wrong with the BOD using the internet, for handling the AERC
> business that comes up during the year.  <snip>
> We elect the BOD to handle AERC affairs for us.
> There seems to be alot of concern about what goes on at the BOD meetings,
> but I have notice there is not alot of people willing to run for the
> position!  We have not had the opportunity to have a choice on who is
> elected in the past few elections as no one is running!  Think about it, if
> you have a major problem run for the board, you may find it is more work
> than you are willing to put into it.
> BOD keep up the good work and thank you for all the time you give to our
> sport, Richard and I do apprecaite it!
> Cookie and Richard Hickstein

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