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AERC by laws

I see nothing wrong with the BOD using the internet, for handling the AERC
business that comes up during the year.  As our organization continues to
grow there will be more problems that must be handled other than at the mid
year and annual convention.  The interent is alot cheaper that the
conference calls!

There seems to be a concern that not all BOD would have the interent
available to them.  If the BOD did not have the use of a computer at work,
home or wherever they could always go to mail box etc or another business
that will rent the computer to you.  Even our small town of less than 5,000
you can go to mail box etc and use the computer.  Just a thought so this
means of communications could be used.  Not all BOD meeting ( conference
call) is available to the membership at the present time as it should be. 
We elect the BOD to handle AERC affairs for us.  

There seems to be alot of concern about what goes on at the BOD meetings,
but I have notice there is not alot of people willing to run for the
position!  We have not had the opportunity to have a choice on who is
elected in the past few elections as no one is running!  Think about it, if
you have a major problem run for the board, you may find it is more work
than you are willing to put into it.  

BOD keep up the good work and thank you for all the time you give to our
sport, Richard and I do apprecaite it!	

Cookie and Richard Hickstein

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