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99 Pan Am pre-ride

Just a reminder that the 99 Pan Am pre-ride is fast approaching.  The 99 
Pan Am Championship Endurance is going to be held in Manitoba, Canada on 
July 24th, 1999 in conjunction with the whole Pan Am Games. In order to 
qualify to enter an international championship a horse and  rider  must 
have completed an FEI qualifier ride.  The PAC pre-ride this  year is 
sanctioned as an FEI qualifier ride. The  PAC pre-ride is going to be held 
this year as part of the Great Northern Connection, a three day multi -day 
endurance ride  held annually in Manitoba. This year ride is on July 3, 
4&5th,1998.  The PAC pre-ride is on July 4th.  There is also going to be an 
FEI officials and vet clinic held on July 2nd.  Dr. Jerry Gillespie is the 
clinician and  head vet  for the 100 mile FEI ride. The deadline for early 
entry discount is June 1st. There have been requests  for entries  from 
every corner of the  United States and Canada so it promises to be a good 
ride.  The trails are in great shape. We are located in the center of the 
continent and the ride site is only 50 miles north of the US/Canadian 
border. The weather at this time of year is usually moderately warm 75 to 
85 with low humidity. We have  18 hours of daylight at this latitude at 
 this time of year so lots of daylight to ride 100 miles in. The trails are 
in rolling sand hills. The footing is mostly grass over sand with some 
sections of loose sand in some dune sections. There are  four river 
crossings in the 100 miles. Even with exceptional rains the trails stay in 
good shape. There is a large grassy camping area.

Hope to see you here!

Myna Cryderman
Box 657
Boissevain, Manitoba, Canada, R0K 0E0
Phone 204 - 534-2390
Email -

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