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Re: Deleting Yearbook Listings

> Becky Hackworth wrote:
	"How about if no current listing for five years, drop the horse's name
from the current yearbook."

	I just wanted to say that maybe with some horses that were "tested" in
endurance and have an old history of only, say, 50 miles or so, maybe
deleting their names would be okay.  Though some of us may be distracted
for a few years, only to bring our same horse back into competition, and
wouldn't appreciate being deleted.
	But I for one enjoy looking up "VIP" horses' names (like Kahill Khai, for
instance) to see just what their mileage history is and relishing that
feeling of awe I get when I see it.  I can spend hours in a Yearbook
looking through names and numbers when I get into my "I wanna be there
someday" kind of moods.  
	Let's not suggest taking a great deal of the fun out of learning about the
history of endurance people and horses.  They're all out there to inspire
us, and there's no way to get to know those who are on the other side of
the country except to read about them (and Ridecamp, of course, lucky us).
	Lori Sumrall

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