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Re: Vet check question.

My husband, Bo Parrish, frequently works as P/R person. If he hears/sees
something he thinks is a problem, he will immediately take the horse to
one of the vets. All the vets we regulary work with know that Bo doesn't
bring them over without good reason, so this has become a standard at
TERA rides. 
How differently rides are run across the U.S. was brought home when we
volunteered as helpers at a well-known ride in the east a couple years
back. One of the front running horses seemed to be getting in trouble,
so Bo first told the rider that his horse needs to be pulled, then took
the horse/rider to see the vet. P/R personnel and Vets were appalled
that a P/R person would do such a thing. Seems the P/R people do not
interact with the Vets at this ride. The rider was very thankful and he
did need to pull. Horse was OK later in the day.
	How many rides out there think that P/R personnel shouldn't interact
with the vets? Good P/R people can become a great asset to the vets,
IMO. A good P/R person knows what is going on around the horse and
evaluates the entire situation before sending/taking the horse to the

Linda Parrish
Kennard, TX

Coujur1 wrote:
>   A quick question.  If you are working P&R area at a ride, a horse comes in
> and it's pulse is and waning (several fast beats, then
> several slow beats).  Would you write what you heard on the vet card?  <snip> 
> Nina

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