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RE: Yearbook

It seems to me that they could put a time limit on a horse that is no longer in the ride results.  Such as after 5 years or so. Then they could list them as inactive for a period of time in order to check with the AERC member. I was surprised to find out that no numbers are ever used twice. My older gelding will not be returning to compete since he is 25 years old.  I wanted to have my new mare to have his old number.  Nope no can do. She now has a 5 digit number with a prefix of H. I'll never memorize that. Its a mental thing I know.
But it may be a management thing. his to has its problems.
The route they are taking is the safer one. No one gets left out, ever.
Its one of those times when you kinda have to be in their shoes.

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From:	Penny McCauley []
Sent:	Wednesday, May 20, 1998 3:14 PM
Subject:	Yearbook

I have a quarter horse gelding listed in the yearbook that was competed 
in the spring of 1990. I only did two 50 mile rides on the horse. The 
gelding was then used on the ranch and has not returned to the endurance 
trail. I don't think the horse needs to be forever listed in the 
yearbook, since he is not competing anymore. And I wonder how many other 
listings of horses there are that could be eliminated that only have 50 
or 100 miles and are not being ridden anylonger.
Just a thought.
Penny (NM)

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