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"Atrophy" in hind end possibly EPSM

JB you said that this is what the vet called it but you can find nothing
specific.  Immediately makes me think of the problem all too common to
drafts and becomming more widely recognized in light breeds where the
horse's body cannot utilize carbohydrates very well.  Evidently often shows
up as something like what you describe,or general  weakness, reluctance to
lift a foot for the farrier, wobbliness when working, etc.

I believe it is called EPSM and I can't remember what this acronym stands
for-something like equine polysaccharide myeolitis.  A number of drafts
have been saved by switching to an oil based diet for their calories.  I'll
get vet Beth Valentine's address for you when the draft horse group comes
back on line, Beth is an expert on this and has several drafts herself that
would have gone to the canners other than for this feed regime.

Ann Hatfield
Working Arabs and modest-sized drafts

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