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Head Tossing

Thanks to all who've responded to the head tossing, vosal idea.  I think I
will go to medical reasons before I start putting training equipment on.
He drops a lot of grain when he eats, so that tells me his teeth need
looking at.  Plus he was an abused horse before my seller saved him 10
months ago, he has a slight fear when saddling him.  So I think I'll get a
chiro out here too.  Then if things don't improve I'll start retraining
him.  No sense in retraining him for something that may be pain related.  

The John Lyons bitting is great so thanks to those of you who suggested it,
plus the running martingale is a much better idea then the standing and I
will probably keep him bitted until we work through this.  I'd like to
write to everyone who answered but the response was huge so once again
                                  Cheryl Newbanks 
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