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Biltmore newsflash correction #1

Hey, I got the number of finishers in the 50 wrong.  Dave Bennet said he
was 48th and 9 finished after him.  Give me some leeway here, I was
pretty unbalanced electrolyte-wise myself at breakfast...and they ran out
of CAFFEINATED coffee.  (What makes a caterer think ANYONE needs decaf.
the morning after a 100?)

For those asking more scraps of info.  Steve Rojek was top 10...don't
remember what place.  I do know that I rode behind a lot of these "top
10, try to notice me for the World Championships" types and they were all
WONDERFUL to each other.  When a rider's stirrup leather broke on the
first loop, Steve Rojek stopped, dismounted and stayed with her.  I tried
to give her my strip of leather that I carry, but Melissa Crain stopped,
and turned back to bring her her own spare sirrup leather.  

Later in the race, we rode up on Melissa Crain and she was having trouble
keeping her Easyboot on. It was a size 1 and Charbiel kept throwing it. 
Another rider (I am soo sorry I don't know her name) gave Melissa her
size 0 and it stayed on.  No back biting, everyone with the old "One for
all and all for one"  It was nice to see.

Oh Yes, Dave also said the heat index was 138, not 135


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