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Re: R&T TV

OK, I know this is off-topic, so I'll keep this short and grovel
appropriately to Steph...BUT, one of our past grad students at the
Equine Research Center was Alex Wyle (now Dr. Wyle, DVM), the sister of
Noah Wyle on ER.  Noah came by once to visit and hung around to watch
some surgery going on and asked about "palming" surgical instruments so
you're not continually setting them down and picking them up.  Our
university vet showed him how it was done and he spent about an hour
playing around until he could do it nice and slick.  Now everytime any
of us watch ER and see Noah Wyle palm an instrument, we get all excited
and jump up and down.  Are we easy to entertain or WHAT?

Susan Garlinghouse

Steve Shaw wrote:
> I got this from a lurker on the ridecamp along with about 10 other messages from ridecampers with about the
> same thoughts. Steve Shaw
> You got the story line just right.  I almost brought it up on Ridecamp
> myself.  Now they left us with an end of season cliff hanger - will they do
> the R&T and how will it figure in the story line next season.  Really makes
> you wonder who introduced the sport to the writers who worked it in.
> Our organization has found that ER & Chicago Hope really do their homework
> pretty well when they pick up on an issue.  I'm involved in the organ
> transplant field and we have a regular working relationship with their
> writers.  They even use some of our posters for props.

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