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Re: ow-ies

Thanks for the very informative reply.  

Dressage techniques????? (chuckle, chuckle) Let me tell you a story.....when I
first learned to ride it was on a cattle ranch.  The old cowbow who owned the
ranch said to me "Little girl, ya see them cows over thar?  You fall off that
thar horse and they'll stomp ya to death!"  I never fell off.  And that's all
I know of dressage. :-)  Perhaps you could give me the name of a book or two.
Reading I can do.

Re: my own ankles,  you gave me a good idea.  I'll just contact the local
sport therapy clinic. (Duh!)  They should be able to help.

Thanks a heap!  I'm on the research trail.  (I think I can, I think I can, I
think I can.  choo choo.)

What a great bunch of folks!
Randi/Spiritdog Ranch

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