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Re: ow-ies


She is interfering front hoof to front fetlock.  Quite frankly, she is
knocking the peanuts out of her ankles!  I have had the farrier out 3 times
with 5 redo's on the shoe.  The last time I rode her out after each shoeing
and he stood and watched her move.  He says she moves so fast that it appears
she is moving straight.  You can't even see when it happens.  She is just all
of a sudden bloody.  Chiropractically she is right so I am running out of
options.  The thought that the saddle is too heavy is an interesting.  I think
I will try a lighter plantation saddle that I have and see if it changes
anything.  My farrier is still scratching his head. He says he's never seen
anything like it.  Figures.

Thanks for listening, :-(
Randi/Spiritdog Ranch

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