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Re: Mollalla Ride

I am going to the ride in Mollalla for the first time this year.  A freind of
mine ran there last year in the 50 and it poured the whole time!  But it
remains to be seen what the weather will decide to bestow on us this year.( I
kinda think a dry Memorial day weekend is too much to hope for)

I have heard there are a lot of hills, lots of MUD and some rocks.  Sounds
like heaven to me, just like home.

My daughter and I ( her first, my 3rd)) my step-mom(her 1st) my best freind on
her bulldog qtrhorse(her2nd, horses 1st), a riding buddy(his 2nd) and another
local endrance freind will all be camped together.
Besides the fact that it will be general mayhem in our camp, you absolutley
cannot miss my truck and trailer.
Picture this:  1969 ORANGE Ford (I call the color "Old Basketball" Ford had
the audacity to call it " Butterscotch")
Wth a 1969 hideous homemade trailer, which has obviously been two shades of
green in previous years and now is white with a red stripe and much algea and
moss.   See what I mean, you cant miss it.  I wish they gave awards for
ugliest and cheapest rig. I'd win at every ride! Paid more for my saddle than
the truck and trailer combined!
So any of you ridecampers that brave the rain to ride in Mollalla, Please stop

Julie and Rayna and Jynx, the pony who is 26 years old and 2 hands too short,
but she doesn't know, and I'm not going to tell her. 


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