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Re: Anyone using NBS shoes?

What are NBS shoes?  Sorry to sound stupid but just had my 
CTR horse founder with rotation.  Anything that will help him I'm 
interested in finding out about.  Thanks

Nicki L.

> From: Sue Riegel <>
> To:
> Subject: Anyone using NBS shoes?
> Date: Friday, May 15, 1998 9:42 AM
> Hi,
> Tomorrow I'm having NBS shoes put on my mare, and need
> to know if anyone else is currently using them on distance
> horses.  
> Having used them before on a gelding, they seem
> to not stand up to alot of miles, but I need to use them to
> protect against a potential recurrence of laminitis.  Does
> anyone use them, and have any suggestions to make them stand
> up to harder use?  Please email me privately.
> Sue
> So. Oregon
> Sue Riegel, So. Oregon
> Peruvians and Keeshonden

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