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>P. S.  I wonder if it was you back at the first SERA convention I ever
>went to, who stood up and said that your biggest complaint was that
>nobody could tell if you Walking Horse was lame...and the vet stood up
>and said, "Nobody on God's green earth can tell when a Walking Horse is

 It wasn't me.  At the Far Out Forest several years ago Jon Warren was the
head vet.  He vetted me in.  He asked if my walked horse tended to trot or
pace.  I said trot and he said good - trotting walking horses tend to do
better in the sport than pacing walking horses.  Anyway he wrote on my card
"walking horse sound" and siad that should do it.  Well the vets had a ball
all day long with that remark.  At one check the vet wrote "still looks
like a walking hrose".  At the another the vet wrote "doesn't look like an
Arab yet". And at 91 miles the vet wrote "still doesn't look like an arab
and the rider doesn't look beat to death from a trot."

BTW it is more ofter easier to tell if a walking horse is lame at a walk
than at a trot.


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