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At 07:45 AM 5/13/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Concerning "subjectivity":  While it may not be the intent of CTR's or
ER's for that
>matter, the judge/vet must cal it has he sees it.  As we all know, one
person does not
>see things the way another does.  I do not believe most judging is purposely
>"subjective", but judgement calls must be used.  Judgement is opion, granted,
>experienced or professional opinion, but definately opinion.
>The ONLY objective judgement is one based on FACT.

I was hanging around the vet check area at the finish of my ride this year,
BSing with the vets. The two at that check were both very good.  I asked
one when they were going to come up with somehting better - less subjective
than the grade 1, 2, etc system.  He said it was a wonderful system and 9
experienced vets out of 10 would make the same call. I sort of wanted to
know what he had been smoking while they were waiting for the horses.  He
said "the next few horses that come in both vets will independently judge
lameness and give the results to me.  Just watch an see how much we agree.
"  I agreeded but I would not let him tell the other vet what he was doing.
The other vet was over getting something to eat at the time.  

Here is how it went.

Horse 1: 
 Vet A - grade 1
 Vet B - sound

Horse 2:
 Vet A - sound
 Vet B - grade 1

Horse 3
 Vet A - grade 2
 Vet A  - grade 1

Horse 4 
 Vet A - grade 1 
 Vet B - grade 2

Horse 5:
 Vet A - grade 2
 Vet B - sound

Well I had seen enough - so much for the 9 out of 10.


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