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Re: Stallions in Endurance

My stallion is now age 16...I raised him from a baby and put the fear of
"Mom" in him from the start.  At a ride he is a perfect can
put a mare in heat right in line with him and he will just look.  He knows
"Mom" will KILL him if he even open his mouth.

He won just about every CTR we entered and did great at endurance...won the
IAHA Nat'l Endurance 100 mile Championship in and beating Debi
Gordon's CBS Redman.

Just had to IS possible to ride a stallion and have a good time,
but the groundwork must be there from the beginning. I am now riding his
babies. BUT, I would probably not go through it again....a nice gelding is
more relaxing any day.

BTW, I found out real quick that stallions are not leaders...I had to TEACH
him to pass another horse (best way is to ride with another stallion..THEY
know and the challenge each other).  Also, stallions are VERY protective of
themselves.  He was not a horse I could push...he went at the pace HE was
ready for.


Angie Orr wrote:

> What does anyone or everyone :) think about riding a stallion in
> endurance.  He is well broke, however has not had a lot of experience
> around other horses.  He is not hot and has a good mind.  What are some
> of the precautions that those of you that ride stallions have to deal
> with?  I know the obvious but, don't want to miss anything and would
> appreciate your advice.
> Thanks,
> Angie

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